Sleek Nigeria launched on the 11th November 2007 and the response has been phenomenal. The fashion savvy, ever trendy Nigerian woman has embraced Sleek without reservation. 

Sleek cosmetics is filling a gap in Nigeria created by the lack of affordable yet high quality cosmetics.

Sleek Hair continues to thrill with new hair styles at very affordable rates. Have you tried out our Wigs Human Hair & Weaves Human Hair?

With the recent overhaul of Sleek international, products have been beautifully repackaged, formulations have been improved and many new and exciting products have been added to the range. Sleek Nigeria also is passionate about empowering women by creating career paths and opportunities to earn extra money.

These opportunities include distributorship and franchise packages.

Incentive and reward programs are also being established to honor distribuors who have reached or exceeded company set targets in their given coverage areas.

Indeed, the revolution has begun . . . and it continues.